Volunteering for Local Low-Income Family

Past Event*
CalerieHealth™ Nutritionalist

Our long-term goal is to partner with organizations to together address micronutrient deficiency among children. This time, CalerieKids® is donating essential vitamins and participating in local volunteering services to support and give back to our local community.

This March, CalerieKids® is joining a local drive-through charity event at Downey with other nonprofit organizations to reach and empower low-income families here in Orange Country with healthy foods and supplements.

This time, CalerieKids™ is donating about 4,000 bottles of CalerieKids® Vitamin D+K to families in our local community who usually are unable to access proper nutritional care in their lives. Moreover, CalerieKids® is also actively participating in this event in distributing foods, daily necessities, and supplements. CalerieKids® is here with other nonprofits to provide everything we can to less fortunate families with the things they need. With our participation in this event and our donation to these families, we envision a warmhearted, thriving community full of caring and supportive individuals where everyone feels safe to call it home.

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*This is a past event that took place under the CalerieKids' private foundation.

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Volunteering for Local Low-Income Family
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