Harvesting Hope

Past Event*
CalerieHealth™ Nutritionalist

We recently had the privilege of rallying our employees for a remarkable volunteering initiative: harvesting hope for our local food bank. This experience not only strengthened our team spirit but also reaffirmed our commitment to corporate social responsibility and making a tangible difference in our community.

Harvest Solutions Farm is a unique project where produce is being grown for our community as an answer to food insecurity and nutritional insecurity in Orange County. Harvest Solutions Farm grows bell peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, watermelon, and honeydew melon; just to name a few of the nutrient dense food sources grown right here in Irvine, California. Our volunteering experience shed light on the critical role that local food banks play in addressing food insecurity. By supporting these organizations, we contribute to a sustainable solution that ensures access to nutritious meals for vulnerable members of our community.

Volunteering to harvest food for a local food bank helped highlight the importance of reducing food waste and embracing sustainable practices. It supported our belief that every person should have access to fresh produce and quality products that provide our local community with the essential nutrients that they need. It reminds us that together, we can make a significant impact, one harvest at a time.

Let's continue to sow the seeds of compassion and cultivate a world where no one goes to bed hungry. Together, as businesses and individuals, we can make a lasting difference, harvest hope, and nourish lives.

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*This is a past event that took place under the CalerieKids' private foundation.

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Harvesting Hope
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