CalerieKids® Public Foundation was established to empower research programs and to partner with organizations that develop innovative protocols and advanced therapeutic treatment in mental and physical health for children. In short, we want to help kids thrive in as many ways as possible. We do this by:

Establishing meaningful partnerships in and for the communities we serve

CalerieKids® looks to work alongside like-minded organizations that want to come together and support children’s mental and physical health.

This may look like monetary or product donations that serve to make mental health care and proper nutrition accessible to children in need. In addition to short-term goals like access to these invaluable resources, we recognize the importance of investing in research for childhood health.

If this sounds like you, head over to our Work With Us page for more information about how to partner with us.

Donating products to children and families in need

One of the most direct ways CalerieKids® can help children in need is by providing nutritional supplements to families. Our developing line of children’s nutrition products is intended to help meet the micronutrient needs of young kids with the goal of supporting their long-term growth and development.

Millions of children around the world, and in the United States, experience food insecurity and varying degrees of malnutrition as a result. One way we can help address some of the nutritional deficiencies that result is by making vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients readily available for children living in these circumstances.

We plan to facilitate and participate in community events that help our neighbors in need multiple times every year. These may incorporate raising monetary funds or donating CalerieKids® nutritional products directly to children and families. See some of our Events.

Contributing financial support to charities and research organizations

In addition to helping bridge some of the nutritional gaps experienced by countless children around the world, CalerieKids® wants to invest in the future of children’s mental and physical health through research organizations. After all, one of the main opportunities to help today’s children and future generations most effectively is providing the support to ensure new resources and technologies are available to support them.

Some of these organizations include universities studying how to bring new treatment protocols to kids struggling with disabilities, diseases, and other health challenges. CalerieKids® also makes financial contributions to charitable organizations who work to make food and health support more accessible to children and families in need.*

Care, Share, and Aid

CalerieKids® was created to care for, share with, and aid children here at home in the United States and around the world. We’re all in this together and the health and future of children depends on the actions of us collectively.

We recognize that many of the most prominent health and nutrition struggles faced by children and families all over the world are going unnoticed, undiagnosed, and untreated. Sadly, when these issues are not addressed in childhood they can amplify and lead to more challenges later in life.

If we can help address some of these important problems through both immediate and long-term interventions, that’s what we’re going to do. And we need your help!

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*This is a past event that took place under the CalerieKids' private foundation.