Provide Nutritional Care and Love for Children Worldwide.

Setting children up for a brighter and healthier future is a commitment we stand behind through our efforts with CalerieKids™

Mission statement

As a company, the mission of CalerieHealth™ has always been to help people live a more purposeful life through better health, looking and feeling younger, and by slowing or even reversing the aging process. We all get older and want to live our healthiest lives.
While we’re deeply committed to helping people of all ages, we’ve recently become particularly passionate about finding ways to help children. This has resulted in the creation of CalerieKids™, our non-profit organization dedicated to the nutrition needs of kids.

CalerieKids™ extends beyond this with a mission to specifically meet the nutrition and health-focused needs of high-risk children all over the world. We will do this by partnering alongside other non-profit organizations focused on children’s health and bridging some unsettling nutrition gaps that affect kids worldwide.

Improve Kid’s Nutrition
Around The World

CalerieKids™ is moving forward in our efforts to improve the nutrition of kids around the world. We plan to share our products with kids in our local community first, ultimately moving onward to a global scale to tackle widespread malnutrition.
The world becomes a little smaller every day, as our desire and ability to connect with one another amplifies. Humankind shares more similarities than differences, and we can come together to reach common goals like ending childhood malnutrition.

We cannot ignore the plight that children are facing. It is a time for action, as well as modeling positive intervention and challenging others to do the same. We are more innovative, powerful, and effective when we advocate together.

The Purpose Behind
Our Products

CalerieKids™ has designed a special line of products just for children. The product line will include healthy, safe, and delicious supplements for kids, such as vitamins and minerals, fish oils, gummies, and more.
We will formulate these products to be highly tolerable, easy for children to eat, and contain nutrients that are important during the earliest stages of life. Growth and development throughout childhood are highly dependent on the nutrition received during those times.

If children simply don’t get enough of the vitamins and minerals they need in early life, they are much more likely to suffer health problems in both the short and long term. It’s a very fine line between poor nutrition and malnutrition. We want to help bridge that gap and have children achieve and maintain a stable status with their nutrition.

Our Commitment
To Change

Setting children up for a brighter future is a commitment we stand behind through our efforts with CalerieKids™. While they can look very different between children and households, every country in the world has a malnutrition problem.
We will continue to partner with organizations working for a healthier and brighter future for children both at home and abroad. CalerieKids™ believes that long-term, sustainable health outcomes for children with malnutrition can start with meaningful partnerships to address micronutrient deficiency.

Making A Difference

CalerieKids™ is passionate about helping kids suffering from all forms of malnutrition and resultant health outcomes. Addressing the worldwide issues of childhood malnutrition can begin by simply improving global access to essential micronutrients.

CalerieKids™ can help children live their healthiest lives by creating a nutrition product line designed just for kids. We aim to help children who truly need the most help and not just the families who can afford it. Our non-profit charitable program seeks to care for kids in our community and share our high-quality nutritional products directly with them.

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Childhood Health and Malnutrition

Globally, millions of children live in suboptimal conditions and lack the nutrition resources they need to thrive and, in many cases, even survive. The prevalence of malnutrition among children is staggering. According to UNICEF, approximately half of all deaths of children under the age of 5 are related to malnutrition worldwide. The effects of malnutrition don’t just stop with the condition itself. Being malnourished puts children at a heightened risk for succumbing to other illnesses, infections, and even death.

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