Providing Care and Love for Children Worldwide.

Setting children up for a brighter and healthier future is a commitment we stand behind through our efforts at CalerieKids® Public Foundation.

Mission Statement

CalerieKids® Public Foundation is established to empower research programs and partner organizations that develop innovative protocols and advanced therapeutic treatments for the mental and physical health of children. Find out more about How We Help.

How We Help

At the CalerieKids® Public Foundation we aim to support children throughout the duration of their lives, starting with nutrition and mental health care access in early life. We’re seeking meaningful partnerships in and for the communities we serve in order to make this mission a reality. This includes organizations that are interested in supporting research and donation efforts. Find out more about how to Work With Us.

Making A Difference

CalerieKids® Public Foundation is passionate about helping kids suffering from all forms of malnutrition and resultant health outcomes. Addressing the worldwide issues of childhood malnutrition can begin by simply improving global access to essential micronutrients. Additionally, we believe physical and mental health go hand-in-hand when supporting children, which is why our mission includes targeting both.

Learn More About Children's Mental & Physical Health

Millions of children live in suboptimal conditions and lack the nutrition resources they need to thrive and, in many cases, even survive. This problem doesn’t just exist in developing countries, however. Countless children lack the care they need to support their physical and mental health in the United States. Learn more about how childhood mental and physical health, as well as proper nutrition, are integrated on Our Blog.