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CalerieHealth™ Nutritionalist

CalerieKids® is passionate about helping kids suffering from all forms of malnutrition and resultant health outcomes. Addressing the worldwide issues of childhood malnutrition can begin by simply improving global access to essential micronutrients.

By creating a nutrition product line designed just for kids, CalerieKids® can help children live their healthiest lives. We aim to help children who truly need the most help, and not just the families who can afford it. Our non-profit charitable program seeks to care for kids in our community and share our high-quality nutritional products directly with them.

Most people would agree that children are the most vulnerable, and most cherished, members of society. The health and well-being of kids are especially vital during the first few years of life.

Malnutrition is widespread, and preventable, but it continues to affect children at alarming rates all over the world.

CalerieKids® emphasizes providing solutions to micronutrient malnutrition. Vitamins and mineral deficiencies are crucial and concerns in terms of public health. In fact, deficiencies of iron, iodine, vitamin A, and zinc are related to or responsible for over 50% of all under-5 deaths worldwide.

Sadly, many households around the world lack access to these nutrients that make such an insurmountable difference in a child’s life and health outcomes.

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*This is a past event that took place under the CalerieKids' private foundation.

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Making a Difference
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