Our Christmas Gift to Local Kids Community

Past Event*
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What would Christmas morning look like if there were no gifts(or very few) gifts under the Christmas tree? According to the United States CensusBureau Data, 22% of American children (under age 18) live in poverty. Many of these children will go out without something under the Christmas tree for many years.

For the last Christmas in 2021, CalerieKids® decided to present a special gift to the children in our local community, Anaheim. The gift includes 3344 units of CalerieKids® Eyecare Gummy Bears + Lutein. They were served as a Christmas gift to help many families navigate their financial and emotional uncertainties and provide proper nutritional care to different children battling poverty or life-threatening illness. We partnered with Miracles For Kids, a non-profit organization supporting families with critically ill children to battle bankruptcy, depression, homelessness, and hunger.

Our Christmas gift helped Leonel. A 3-year-old boy who is currently battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a type of blood and bone cancer that Leonel was first diagnosed at 10 months old. He has gone through intense chemotherapy, which required 24/7 care, making it difficult for his parents to maintain steady work while simultaneously taking care of Leonel's two siblings. The family struggled and could only afford to live in a converted garage. However, the families have now found Miracles for Kids and moved into Miracle Manor. It is a safe, affordable long-term housing option, minutes away from CHOC Children's Hospital, in Orange, CA.

CalerieKids® believes that all kids should be able to grow happy, healthy, and safe. And our goal is to help with the nutritional needs of many kids and to impact their overall well-being. Our 2021 Christmas gift donation to Miracle for Kids is a special present that we would like to offer to many underprivileged kids. This is how we make sure that their future is better, brighter, happier, and healthier than it is today.

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*This is a past event that took place under the CalerieKids' private foundation.

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Our Christmas Gift to Local Kids Community
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